We’ll see the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro soon (supposedly)

Remember last summer, when we saw some emissions documents that pointed to a new Scrambler 1100 Pro? Well, if the video below is right, we’ll see this bike unveiled January 27 (next Monday).

Now, it’s worth pointing out this video is not on Ducati’s official YouTube channel, so maybe it’s all a clever scam. However, if Ducati really is bringing this machine into the market for 2020, a mid-January reveal would seem sensible.

Why introduce a Scrambler 1100 Pro? The Scramblers have been some of Ducati’s biggest sellers since they were introduced, but once the initial buying frenzy wears off when each new model is introduced, sales are not as high as Ducati would like (or so we’ve been told). This makes sense, as everyone who’s wowed by the styling goes out and buys one, and those who aren’t wowed by the styling must then be convinced by the tech specs. Given that the Scramblers mostly run older Ducati technology, this is a tougher sell.

So, Ducati’s working on making the Scramblers more up-to-date. With the 800-class machines, Ducati added leaning ABS on the most recent update. And, there seems to be an intention to generally make faster Scramblers in the line, combining that classic styling with a bit more speed, hauling in buyers with the promise of exciting performance.


  1. Don’t really see the point of a new, likely more expensive variant. There are lots of 2018 and 2019 Scrambler 1100s sitting in dealer showrooms in Ontario and even hefty discounts can’t seem to help move them. They are expensive to buy and costly to insure – factors that can’t be overlooked in plotting sales success.

    • And more importantly, if you just want the look, the 800s are cheaper and arguably more fun to ride. If you want power, there’s other options on the market from Japan.

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