Long Way Up ends journey in LA

Does that look like Ewan McGregor in Argentina?

The Long Way Up motorcycle expedition has ended in Los Angeles, leaving us wondering how long it will be until we see the trip on television.

Long Way Up is the third major expedition by film/television personalities Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. It’s a sort-of sequel to Long Way Round (Ewan and Charley’s round-the-world journey) and Long Way Down (their UK-South Africa journey), both of which were filmed along the way and released as television series. Long Way Up is the story of a trip from Argentina to LA by motorcycle (not Argentina to Alaska, as originally supposed).

Although the first two trips were done in relative secrecy, the prevalence of social media meant we saw plenty of snaps of the two riders along the way this time (see title image).

To make things more interesting, Boorman and McGregor used Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycles on the Long Way Up trip (they used BMW GS adventure bikes on the first two rides). They also had two Rivian electric trucks in the expedition, and used diesel-powered generators to recharge the machines at times (again, no official confirmation).

The two celebrity riders showed up in LA this week, ending the trip.

Given that the first two series were immensely popular on television, we’d expect to see this trip on the telly soon, but have seen no confirmation of where and when.


  1. People are so quick to judge before the program has even been aired. Let’s wait and see how many support vehicles they really have. I strongly expect the program to be honest and present itself as an experiment with a technology in its infancy. They also will mention the next stage of development will be the solid state battery and how much more range they will have etc… It should be fun and interesting adventure. I’m looking forward to it. Lighten up, people.

  2. Sounds like more of a HD brand, publicity tour. HD trying to rebrand themselves to the next generation. It didn’t waste any of my time or money. I can only hope it opened more eyes to the motorcycle life, and electric bikes to boot. Im curious to watch.

  3. So what did this prove ?
    If you go ADV touring with a fleet of support vehicles anything is possible ?
    What a waste of time, energy and money.

    • It’s plain and simple entertainment with motorcycles in exotic places in the story line. Possibly with slight or more embellishment of the hardships involved. The first two series were quite popular with the public in general. Ewan is a legitimate celebrity and Charlie has been riding his 10 minutes of fame almost continually. I’ve got keen interest evolution in electric vehicle technology but my main concern with the series is it’s going to turn into a HD marketing commercial.

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