Report: Indian to release ADV bike next year

A report out of the UK says Indian is planning to release an adventure bike in 2020.

BikeSocial says this news comes after finding “leaked planning documents from the firm.” And yet, BikeSocial doesn’t bother in showing us the docs, or what exactly they say. Hrm … Most likely it’s old news, based on this leak from 2018, but if so, they’re not saying.

But, it would definitely make sense for Indian to do this. Both Indian and Harley-Davidson are feeling the pinch as traditional cruiser buyers are aging and growing interested in vehicles with more than two wheels. The only way to grow sales is to branch out into new markets, which is why we see Harley-Davidson building things like the  LiveWire electric bike and its upcoming Bronx streetfighter and Pan America adventure bike.

Indian’s on sort of a similar journey, with its FTR1200 and FTR1200 Rally naked bikes (for some reason, Polaris has already moved past its electric bike plans, canceling the Empulse years ago). The next logical step is for Indian to build an adventure bike, or scrambler.

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