Bimota Tesi H2: Supercharged madness!

The reports were right. Kawasaki has bought a big chunk of Bimota (supposedly 49.9 per cent), and the result of that deal is the new Tesi H2 superbike.

The Tesi H2 is powered by Kawasaki’s supercharged 998 cc engine (MCN says it has the same tuning as the H2, not the non-street-legal tuning of the H2R). It features hub steering, a classic feature of wild Bimota designs, with the brakes hidden under the front fender. Both the front end and swingarm look to be bolted directly to the engine, no doubt in an effort to reduce weight.

A motorcycle chassis like nothing else on the market.

A pair of Ohlins shocks is nestled in back, with one connected to the front end via a linkage along the bike’s left side. Photos show remote preload adjustability, and wiring running to the shocks imply Bimota may have plans for electronic suspension management capability.

Remote preload adjustment is super-easy to reach.

As you’d expect, there’s lots of carbon fibre bodywork, and general futuristic fairing design.

Pricing is supposedly in the €50,000 Euro range, which is around $73,000.  Don’t expect to ever see one of these on the roads in Canada, ever.

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