Energica Ego, Eva models get increased range

We don’t see them in Canada, but Energica’s electric motorcycles are some of the most interesting battery bikes in the market these days. For 2020, Energica has announced the Ego and Eva lines are both getting more range.

At EICMA yesterday, Energica announced a 21.5 kWh polymer/lithium battery for its models. The current Ego and Eva models haveĀ 13.4 kWh battery packs. With the new battery, the Energica machines are supposed to have up to 400 km range in the city, 180 km of highway range, and 230 km of mixed range. Remember, city riding typically conserves EV batteries, as they’re recharged by regenerative braking.

Energica says it tested those range claims under “real conditions.”

The bikes have also lost a bit of weight for 2020, and have improvements to the electric motors that see torque boosted to 200 Nm for the Eva EsseEsse9+ model, and 215 Nm for the Ego+ and new-for-2020 Eva Ribelle models.

Energica says its involvement with MotoGP’s electric racing series has been a big part of why it’s improved its bikes for 2020, with all sorts of helpful knowledge gained as it builds race bikes.

Also, Energica says all its 2020 models will have fast-charge capability, a 4.3-inch TFT display, four riding modes, four maps for regenerative braking, traction control and cruise control.

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