Hit-and-run that killed motorcycle instructor results in 31-month sentence


A long-running, high-profile case that saw a motorcycle instructor killed after a hit-and-run has finally been settled.

In July of 2018, Scott Robertson (seen in the title photo, courtesy CBC) was killed in a collision while riding his motorcycle to work in Saint John, New Brunswick, in the early morning. In the days following the crash, the town’s motorcycling community was upset that no charges were laid in the hit-and-run crash.  Robertson was one of Canada’s longest-serving riding instructors, and many local motorcyclists had done their initial training under his tutelage.

Scott Robertson’s bike collided with John Ford’s newspaper delivery truck in Saint John, New Brunswick. (Photo courtesy CBC)

The reason for the delayed charges eventually came out: there was confusion over who was driving the car that Robertson collided with. The newspaper delivery vehicle had been driven by John Ford, but he’d left the scene of the crime and returned with Anne-Marie Savoy, who told police she’d been driving.

Eventually, police got things figured out and Ford confessed to his role in the crash. While some details of the incident remain a mystery, Ford pleaded guilty to misleading police and leaving the scene of the crash.

As a result, CBC says Ford has received a 31-month sentence (28 months for leaving the scene, three months for misleading police). The sentences will run consecutively, and he’ll get credit for time served. He also must submit a DNA sample, and will have a five-year driving prohibition after his release. CBC says the judge viewed Ford’s lengthy criminal record as an aggravating factor in the sentencing, and his guilty plea and remorse as a mitigating factor.

John Ford has a lengthy criminal record, and fled the scene of the collision. (Photo courtesy CBC)


  1. I appreciate Mark’s comments regarding this in the CMG Weekly this morning. No matter how experienced we think we are we can still learn more, and or ultimately decide if we can mitigate or accept the risk. Too bad there are those out there like John Ford who should have been mitigated long ago who are still free (in 31 months or less) to do it again.

  2. What makes the sentence even MORE infuriating is that at one point between the accident and the sentencing, John Ford was caught by police AGAIN driving on the wrong side of the road!! Remorse, my ass!

  3. 28 months for leaving the scene,
    3 months for lying to police,
    0 months for dangerous driving that killed someone, or was he even charged with dangerous driving?

    Glad to see our legal system has it’s priorities straight!

    Btw, was Ms. Savoy even charged with lying to police?

  4. Ya gotta watch those newspaper delivery guys, early in the morning…
    They just do whatever they’re going to do, u-turns, drive on the sidewalk, whatever.
    I mean, you can be certain the unfortunate Mr. Robinson would have been able to avoid any ‘rational’ obstacle that popped up in front of him…
    Very sad. RIP sir.

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