Here’s the Kawasaki Z H2

Kawasaki unveiled its much-hyped hyperbike at the Tokyo Motor Show today, bringing forced induction to the world of naked bikes.

The Kawasaki Z H2 is powered by a 998 cc supercharged inline four, with claimed output of 200 hp and 101 lb-ft of torque. The Z H2 has a steel tube trellis frame with double-sided swingarm, unlike the single-sided setup of the earlier H2 models.

The Z H2 has Showa’s SFF-BP forks (separate function, with a big piston setup). The shock is also Showa, but there hasn’t been any hype about it, so it’s possible it’s a bit more pedestrian, to keep price down. Same goes for the Brembo brakes.

No officially confirmed weight yet, but the Z H2 is supposed to be in the same ballpark as the other H2 models.

Kawasaki hasn’t officially confirmed the bike’s weight. Asphalt & Rubber says the Kawasaki Z H2 weighs 239 kg; reports online generally agree it’s in the ballpark of the Ninja H2 model.

With great power comes great need for electronic safety features, and the Z H2 is equipped with a complete package of techno-wizardry. As you’d expect, traction control, selectable riding modes and cornering ABS are all standard. Kawasaki also included a slipper clutch and up/down quickshifter. There’s also some sort of connectivity to the Rideology app. Naturally, there’s a TFT dash, and all-round LED lighting.

The Z H2 is supposed to come in three colours (black/grey combos), although there’s no guarantee all three paint schemes will come to Canada.

We haven’t seen Canadian pricing yet, but we expect more news soon.

Pricing hasn’t been mentioned yet, or Canadian availability. Chances are this machine will come in at a price that’s less silly than previous H2 models. Kawasaki clearly wants to position this as part of the Z lineup, not the halo H2 line. It’s not going to be a cheap budget bike, but it may be a little more affordable.


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  1. Ack – what a ridiculous machine – it’s just an H2 without a fairing?
    And sinfully ugly too! Gives me a headache just looking at the photos, heheh.
    The answer to a question no one has asked…
    I would have liked to see a smaller motor (something like the new CB650R) in a small, light package with maybe ~140HP instead of 95. And a normal (two-person) seat.

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