What is Suzuki teasing?


In what might be the oddest teaser video we’ve seen yet this show season, Suzuki’s UK arm has released a video promising … errrrr, we’re not quite sure. A presence at EICMA? The world premiere of a new Suzuki key fob? Who knows? Whatever the deal is, it does indeed seem Suzuki’s trying to imply there’s a new bike coming to this year’s show circuit, which is no doubt welcome news to its dealers everywhere.


  1. Whatever it is, it won’t be keyless, pushbutton start.
    Also, note the old man’s watch and slow, single thumb typer. Not aimed at young, new riders. I’m guessing an SUV Adventure Scooter.

  2. judging by the “authentic” attire and appearance of the actors, the suited dude laying the key on the table, and a bit of outdoorsy adventure thrown in for good measure, I’m guessing a scrambler of some sort.

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