Thieves hit Calgary motorcycle school twice in past weeks

Photo: Too Cool Motorcycle School/Facebook

Calgary’s Too Cool Motorcycle School has been hit by thieves twice in the past two weeks, although no bikes have been stolen—yet.

The school’s first break-in happened on August 31, with thieves smashing into the school’s storage trailers (kept behind McMahon Stadium). That time, they messed with the school’s fuel supply, and took keys to motorcycles, says owner Trevor Dench.

The second break-in happened on September 2, with the thieves damaging trailers in an attempt to access them.

On September 4, the school ran the following statement on its Facebook page, asking for help in solving the crimes:

“Friends, fellow riders.
Times are tough, for many of us. We understand that, and Too Cool hasn’t been immune this year, either. Unfortunately, someone has decided to try to make things even tougher for us. Twice in the last three nights (Saturday, Aug 31 and Monday, Sept 2) break-ins have been attempted at the school lot, once gaining access to one of the trailers. Trailers have been damaged, bikes were tampered with, some things were taken and all of it adds up to more time, more costs and a lot of frustration.

What’s worse is how hard this has hit Trev. The guy who has faith in everyone, who just wants everyone to share his passion for riding, who’ll give his time and energy to anyone who ever needs it. Too Cool *is* Trev, and an act against the school is an act against him, and that’s about as low as it gets.

Friends, if any of you have heard something, know anything, please say so. Come to us, report it to the police (case numbers 19377256 and 19380677), however you want to, just say something. This garbage act of malice has us down, but it doesn’t have us out, because we know the good people outnumber the bad.

Ride safe.”

Local riders have put together a GoFundMe drive to raise money for the school, to repair the damages after the break-ins. The school’s owner says he’s beefed up security since, with the missing keys no doubt an incentive to bolster those measures.


    • Me too…I think of disabling them in many ways…but the chance of getting caught and punished my own self makes it defeating. And Charlie Manson said,”Hell, I never killed anybody, if I started killing people, there’d be none of yaz left.” LoL

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