Multistrada GT coming in 2020, but no V4 Multistrada


Despite rumours that we’d see a V4 version of the Ducati Multistrada in 2020, it seems that’s not the case. Instead, we’re getting the Multistrada GT.

What’s the Multistrada GT? We haven’t seen an official announcement, but has spotted government paperwork for the model filed online, and it seems as if it’s powered by the same 1260 twin as the current Multi. In other words, don’t bet on the V4 coming out at the same time.

The GT is likely optimized for sport-touring, with Ducati’s Skyhook suspension, adjustable windscreen, heated grips and hard luggage. It’s also widely speculated that Ducati’s radar-assisted cruise control will be standard on the GT model, although Ducati hasn’t indicated that.

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