Triumph announces Daytona Moto2 765 machine

As soon as Triumph announced it would build 765 cc engines for the Moto2 roadracing series, people started asking for a street-legal bike with that tech. Today, Triumph said it would do just that.

The new bike will be called the Daytona Moto2 765 Limited Edition. It has what Triumph says is its “Highest-ever power and torque from its new Moto2-derived 765cc triple engine” and its “Highest-ever specification and rider technology.” That doesn’t mean it’s the most powerful bike Triumph’s ever made, just the most powerful 765 cc triple. It’s the first-ever Moto2-licenced bike.

Only 765 of these bikes will be made for the Euro/Asian market, and 765 will be made for the Canada/US market.

Naturally, it’ll come with a flash paint scheme as well, just to accentuate its exclusivity.

Full specs and pricing will be announced on August 23 at the UK’s Silverstone track, with two former world champion racers riding the race bike and the street-legal version side-by-side on the track. The machine will actually be in showrooms in 2020.

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