Husqvarna EE 5 electric minibike will come to Canada

Husqvarna has confirmed its EE 5 electric minibike will come to the Canadian market later this year.

At this point, an actual arrival date isn’t confirmed, so we can expect to wait a while for official specs and an MSRP.

However, when the EE 5 was unveiled last year at EICMA, we did get a rough idea of what the bike will look like when it arrives here. Back then, Husqvarna said the offroad bike had about 7 hp, with six different ride modes. We’d expect some of those ride modes are configured to limit power, to make the machine easy for new riders.  It’s intended for smaller kids, after all—check out those tiny wheels.

At that point, Husqvarna also said the bike had a 907-watt li-ion battery, with quick-charge capability, and WP suspension.

The machine may have some different specs by the time it comes to Canada this fall, of course. However, it’s encouraging to know it will indeed arrive in our market, as we’ve often been shafted by the manufacturers when it comes to battery bikes; previous electric KTMs haven’t come here, and neither has BMW’s C Evolution electric scooter. We’re also still waiting for Honda to bring the battery-powered version of its PCX scooter here.


  1. Let me know where and when I can put my deposit on an adult sized electric dirt bike from any established manufacturer. The Redshift MX was the most fun bike I have every ridden. Too bad the little company closed.

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