Triumph builds a bigger engine for new Rocket 3 TFC

Triumph has announced the specs for the Rocket 3 TFC, and it’s a game-changer. The new bike has the largest current-production motorcycle engine, and makes more torque than any other gasoline-powered motorcycle.

The new Triumph Factory Custom model will have a 2500 cc three-cylinder engine. You’d think this was a big-bore version of the previous 2300 cc engine, not a ground-up re-design, but the Triumph press release says it’s “all-new.” Sometimes that actually means it’s all new, sometimes it’s clever marketeering. In any case, the massive engine makes more than 163 lb-ft of torque, and more than 168 hp.

Along with the displacement increase, Triumph also included titanium intake valves, which allow higher revs. There’s also an up-down quickshifter fitted as standard. The exhaust is built by Triumph collaborator Arrow, with carbon-fibre endcaps

With great power comes great responsibility need for safety equipment, and the Rocket 3 TFC has cornering ABS, traction control and four different riding modes to help keep everything in line. There’s also Brembo Stylema monobloc brakes, adjustable Showa forks and shock

Perhaps the most impressive stat, aside from the engine output, is that Triumph’s cut 40 kg off the standard Rocket 3’s weight. The weight loss is probably partly due to new aluminum frame and single-sided swingarm.

The Rocket 3 TFC has adjustable levers, and up-to-date TFT gauges. There’s all-round LED lighting, and the bike comes with interchangeable solo and two-up seats. Keyless ignition is standard, and there’s a USB charging port.

Only 750 Rocket 3 TFC models will be made for the world market, with 250 destined for North America. Everybody who buys a Rocket 3 TFC here will get a “tailor-made TFC handover pack,” including a personalized custom build book, leather TFC-branded rucksack and a beautiful Rocket 3 TFC indoor bike cover, and the most valuable accessory of all, a numbered letter signed by Triumph’s CEO Nick Bloor.

Canadian MSRP for the Rocket 3 TFC is set at $33,000.


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