The Zero SR/F is coming, whatever that means

According to this YouTube teaser, electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero is planning to introduce a new motorcycle on February 25.

And, that’s all we know. No specs. No price. Nothing but a peek at the headlight, which does appear to be much different from anything Zero currently sells. There has been talk of a Zero sportbikeĀ  coming, but for now, that’s just gossip. Zero already has supermoto, dual sport and naked bike models, though, and it’s hard to imagine building another machine along those lines. Maybe a cruiser is coming? We’ll know for sure in a few weeks.


  1. Electric motorcycles aren’t practical. No range and no place to recharge on the road and even if there was a recharging station somewhere it would take too long. Would you want to stop and fill your gas tank if you knew the pump was so slow that you’d be there a few hours?

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