Further signs of the apocalypse: Here’s an electric Ural

We’ve already told you Ural is building a better boxer engine for 2019. Now, we’ve got word the Russian sidecar rig manufacturer is also working on a battery-powered version of its iconic hack.

California-based ICG helped Ural put this project together, matching EV technology from Zero Motors with Ural’s single-wheel-drive sidecar platform. It sounds crazy, given Ural’s rep for building crude but effective vehicles that hark back to the days of World War II. But as Ural says, “our sidecar is the perfect platform to build an electric motorcycle because it can offer what regular two-wheeled motorcycles don’t: passenger comfort, stability and safety, not to mention more space for batteries.” Good point.

But although this is a cool bike, it’s only a concept for now. Ural says it has “no immediate plans to manufacture an all-electric model at this time. The decision will ultimately be based on market research, consumer and industry experts’ feedback. We estimate it would take approximately 24 months to ramp up serial production upon final design approval. Production bike design would incorporate the latest battery technology and charging options.” In other words, the Russians are waiting for the perfect time to drop this vehicle on the market, when technology and demand both make it worthwhile. If that day doesn’t come, well, at least we got to see this cool prototype.

See Ural’s specs for the electric concept below the photo gallery:


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  • Motor: Z-Force® 75-7 passively air-cooled, high efficiency, radial flux, interior permanent magnet, brushless motor
  • Max Output (hp): 60hp (45kW) @5,300rpm
  • Max Torque (ft-lbs): 81 ft-lbs (110 Nm)
  • Batteries as tested: ZF13.0 powerpack, ZF6.5 powerpack (combined peak power 19.5kWh)
  • Charging System: 1.3kW on-board charger from a standard 115V/15A breaker (estimated 13 hours to charge from empty to 95%)


  • Range as Tested: Up to 103 miles (165 km)
  • Recommended Max Cruising Speed: 65mph (105 kmh)
  • Maximum Speed as Tested: 88mph (140 kmh)


  • Overall Length: 91.6 in (233 cm)
  • Overall Height: 53.8 in (137 cm)
  • Overall Width: 63.6 in (162 cm)
  • Seat Height: 31.0 in (79 cm)
  • Ground Clearance: 9.2 in (23.4 cm)
  • Max Permissible Weight: 1325 lbs (600 kg)
  • Dry Weight: 822 lbs (373 kg)



  1. looks and sounds great, would love to get one. but put some floor boards on it and another battery in the side car for more distance would be great and would also make great ballast when you don’t have a pay load in the side car . O make sure I can fit my Kuvasz in the side car (he is 120 lb service dog.) long and lean with lots of fur.

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