Ural to build a better boxer for 2019

In case you didn’t find the American political chaos a sign of impending apocalypse, we’ve got a second sign for you: Ural is updating its lineup, with major tweaks to its engines and other components.

Although the Russian company’s flat twin has been basically unchanged since Uncle Joe Stalin stole the plans from BMW during a vodka-fueled binge in the 1930s, Ural has made a few minor tweaks over the years, most recently by adding EFI. Madness! But, Ural is sticking to that plan and has refined its fuel injection system for 2019 models. And, Ural has re-designed the top end, with new intake and exhaust ports and revised cylinder head for better cooling. And, there’s a new oil pan.

As mentioned, the EFI also gets refined with a new ECU and Keihin throttle bodies. Hrm! Sounds like the company might be working on updating its machines to meet upcoming emissions regulation changes.

There’s also a new fuel pump for 2019.

We haven’t seen any indication of changes to horsepower or torque thanks to these upgrades.

Since Ural is not a high-volume seller in Canada, it might take a while to see these machines in our showrooms.


  1. Whoooah! Hold on there now, what is the rush? Next thing you know they will be adding another spare tire and rim. Never know when you may have two flats in one day out there somewhere without cell phone service.

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