Niken goes sport touring: Here’s the Yamaha Niken GT

When Yamaha announced the Niken leaning three-wheeler, many wondered how long it would be until a sport touring version debuted. Wonder no longer: the Niken GT is here.

The Niken GT is a touring-friendly, but there’s more to this machine than just a set of semi-hard saddlebags tacked on. Yamaha also added several other bits to make life on the road more comfortable: a taller windscreen, a more comfortable seat, heated grips, another power outlet for charging mobile devices, and a centrestand (remember, the Niken doesn’t stand up all on its own, even though it has three wheels—it will tip over without something holding it up). There’s also a rear grab rail that’s designed to attach a topcase, which seems to be available through the accessory program.

Otherwise, much of the GT is the same as the standard Niken: 847 cc liquid-cooled triple engine, borrowed from the MT-09 lineup, a set of dual upside-down front forks, steel/aluminum frame setup, adjustable rear suspension, and what Yamaha says is an “unrivaled corner carving experience,” thanks to a front end that can handle a 45-degree lean angle while still offering lots of grip.

From Yamaha’s Canadian press release, it seems the Niken GT will be coming to our market, but we have not seen pricing or availability information yet. We’re sure those details, along with other specs, will be along soon enough.


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