2019 Kawasaki ZX-10 models get updated engines


Several moto-news outlets are reporting an upgraded Kawasaki ZX-10 lineup for 2019, with more power for the ZX-10SE and ZX-10RR models, although the machines aren’t ultimately that much different from the outgoing models.

According to Asphalt & Rubber, the ZX-10RR will make 201 hp for next year, while the ZX-10SE and ZX-10R will make 200 hp.
Given the different horsepower ratings for different markets, it’s hard to say just how much of a boost that means for Canadian customers, but we can tell you the changes come from an updated cylinder head, complete with finger-follower valve train. Previously, the ZX-10R had heavier tappet valves, and the updates allow for a new cam profile that in turn makes for more power.
All versions of the ZX-10 will get engines with a red-painted valve cover now.

Presumably, the ZX-10SE also has the same engine upgrades, but A&R also reports it gets the “self-healing” paint that recently debuted on the H2 hyperbike, as well as electronic suspension, courtesy of Showa.

The ZX-10RR has even more internal trickery, with lighter titanium connecting rods, which allow for a 600 rpm jump in the rev limiter. Production is said to be limited to 500 RR models, all with a specially numbered plate, similar to the limited-production series we see of high-end Euro sportbikes.
All three models also get an improved up-down quickshifter, reports Asphalt & Rubber, and all three bikes get red-painted valve covers to set them apart from earlier models.


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