Honda’s new monkey bike makes it to production

Monkey bike lovers, take heart. Even though Honda discontinued the original Z50 model last spring, Big Red has come out with a replacement, and it’s sporting some familiar components.

When Honda brought the Grom to market a few years back, everyone said it was the next great monkey bike—but when CMG rode it, we disagreed, and called it a hooligan bike. But no worries, even though the original Monkey was discontinued in 2017, the replacement is already hitting overseas markets, and it’s powered by the Grom’s engine.

Although we haven’t seen an official name for this machine, the retro design makes it obvious this is the Z50’s replacement.

In this trim, the air-cooled, fuel-injected horizontal single-cylinder engine will make 9.25 hp, supposedly. While the machine doesn’t look a whole lot different from a Grom’s layout, there’s a twin-shock rear suspension, and oddly enough, USD forks (maybe they’re the same as the Grom’s to keep costs down). The new monkey bike will run on 12-inch wheels, with a 775 mm seat height (higher than the Grom) and will have a steel frame and LED lighting all-around.

We’ve seen a 107 kg weight listed, but no word on whether that’s wet weight or dry weight.

One oddity: the new monkey bike will have ABS, thanks to new EU regulations, which probably means an end to some of the hoonery the Grom’s light weight and strong brakes encouraged.

We haven’t seen Canadian confirmation for this machine yet, but it is going into production, so if you want to see it, mention it to your local dealer.



  1. i would love to get this bike. I have watched so much good reviews out of the UK. Everyone should ask Honda Canada to get this bike. i want one!

    • I asked Honda Canada in Aug/20 and after checking, was told their’s nothing to indicate the Monkey’s coming here. Apparently a (dumb) decision not made by Honda Canada. You can bring one in from the US but it may cost you a pile and then you won’t be able to insure it (ride it on the road legally) because its “not a listed bike available in Canada”…I checked with my insurance company.

  2. I would love to have Honda monkey I had a 50 Honda as a child and I think they should have the Honda monkey in Canada and if they don’t bring it here I will order one from the states

  3. I really hope the Monkey bike or similar comes to Canada. There are no mini on/road bikes being sold in Canada that I am aware of anymore.

  4. Yes Please bring to Canada . local dealership is saying there’s no way it will. that the trim level doesn’t meet Canadian standards and that the price would be way too high in Canadian funds .

  5. Love this bike. Hope it comes in at a good price. Slap dual purpose tires on it and its perfect for messing around.

    Read elsewhere that the 107 kg was the wet weight…if accurate.

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