Zero issues recall/buy-back on some 2012 models


Zero Motorcycles, North America’s biggest electric motorcycle manufacturer, has announced a recall/buy-back program on all S, DPS and DS models from 2012.

Asphalt & Rubber reports the move comes in the wake of three separate fires involving Zero motorcycles from 2012, two in the US and one in Hong Kong. The fires appear to have been caused by a defective battery pack, and Zero is recalling all motorcycles from 2012 with that battery design.

This is one case where low sales numbers might turn out to be a good thing, as A&R reports despite recalling three models, Zero only has to buy back 218 machines—the whole production run of S, DPS and DS models didn’t add up to much that year. A&R says Zero says the batteries are not completely sealed from humidity, making corrosion a problem, and they’re also designed in such a way that the individual cells are able to move around inside the battery, eventually shorting out due to chafing.

Zero is offering to replace all the 2012 models with a brand-new Zero, if that’s what the customer wants.

We haven’t seen any information on a Canadian recall yet, but if any of those models were sold here in 2012, they’ll presumably fall under the buyback program.


  1. Dave, You are missing the fact that faulty lith-ion batteries can self ignite. Gasoline may be volitile, but it thankfully in most conditions does not self ignite. Now oily rags soaked with carb cleaner or other common garage chemicals is another story. I keep a smoke detector in my garage too. Cheers.

  2. Hmmm a lithium-ion battery in your garage may be a fire hazard, but a few tanks of gasoline are okay. What am I missing here??? 🙂 🙂

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