Indian unveils Chieftain Elite


Indian is bringing the Chieftain Elite back.

As the name suggests, this machine is built on the Chieftain platform, but it’s even more expensive than the base model, adding about $12k for a $37,999 MSRP in Canada.

For that money, you get a LED headlight and driving lights, 200-watt sound system, leather seats, billet driver and passenger floorboards, updated hand controls, Indian’s Ride Command infotainment system (with 7-inch screen), keyless ignition, cruise control, and so on. The bike is powered by the Thunderstroke 111 V-twin, and comes with a hand-painted finish, which is the highlight of this model. That flashy paint means the bike is carefully assembled by hand, as well.

For more details, photos and specs, visit Indian’s website.


  1. Expensive? Yes. Ugly? Not really.

    What’s up TK4, Doug and Ogs? Its not like its a Honda Rebel. You all sound like keyboard trolls.

  2. Why is everyone getting bent out of shape over this bike?

    We finally have a genuine competitor for Hardley-Ableson in the new Indian bringing new tech to the heavy cruiser market. They have a genuine 100 hp Scout, and a “clean sheet” engine for their big bikes.

    This ain’t my cup of tea, but when I look at the “new” line of bikes from HD with their ugly insect-eye headlights and weird lines, I don’t think this bike is any uglier. And if they can sell it, more power to them.

    If Indian ever puts something like their Project 156 bike on the market, I’m gonna be saving up for that!

  3. $12K extra for this over the “regular” model. To me that’s the price of a new bike in itself. Well, if you’re rich and/or stupid enough to dump nearly $40K on a depreciating asset, have at it. I suppose that’s no more than I’ve spent on new bikes over the last 20 years.

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