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Kawasaki hints again at future three-wheeler

You probably don’t remember, but back at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki was hinting at a future street-legal three-wheeler, called the J Concept. Now, they’re teasing that machine again.

We don’t see any real details in this video, just what appears to be CGI rendering.

But it seems likely that Kawasaki is involved in three-wheeled research, and this isn’t just an empty promise. The time would certainly be right for such a move: Yamaha’s  Niken leaning three-wheeler stirred up loads of controversy and grabbed lots of attention when it debuted at Tokyo this past fall. Can-Am is making so much money off its three-wheelers that it hasn’t even bothered to start making motorcycles again. The Polaris Slingshot is steadily gaining approval from transportation departments across the continent.

So, you can bet Team Green doesn’t want to be left behind if there’s growth in this sector. If they really are working on a three-wheeler, we’d bet it doesn’t look much like the machine in this video, but would instead be built around an existing four-cylinder platform, maybe even the H2 series? That kind of madness might be too much to ask for …

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