Photo Gallery: 40 pictures of the Yamaha Niken

Want another look at Yamaha’s gonzo leaning three-wheeler? Here are a few dozen more photos for your viewing pleasure.

After taking a peek through, we’re left with a few questions, though.

Like, why a chain drive? Surely a shaft drive would be best, and a belt drive would be a good compromise? And, how did they get to this Star Wars landscape to film this advert? Where’d they find a cooperative stormtrooper? We’re sure we’ll know the answers to these, and more, when it’s at EICMA next month.


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  1. The concept is intriguing but what’s it for? Performance? More front end traction for sure but possibly cancelled out by increased weight.

  2. With Honda apparently coming back from the dead it’s now Yamaha’s turn to become weird…

    Is it too complicated to design and buildbikes people actually want to ride? So much waste of ressources and talent!

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