Spied! Honda patents for supercharged, direct injection engine

Those keen-eyed scribes over at Motorcycle.com have once again spotted patents for some interesting tech that we hope to see in the near future. This time, it’s a supercharged V-twin engine from Honda, with direct injection.

The idea of a supercharged Honda is interesting, but it’s not the first time Big Red has tried forced induction; its previous factory turbocharged bikes, the CX500 and CX650 Turbo, were built more than 30 years ago. In the decades since, the Japanese OEMs all moved away from forced induction until very recently, when Kawasaki introduced the supercharged hyperbike series. Since then, Yamaha and Suzuki have teased us with concept bikes sporting turbos and superchargers, but we haven’t seen anything like this from Honda.

While a supercharged Honda would be interesting, the addition of direct gasoline injection is even more intriguing, as we haven’t seen this on a factory bike yet; it was supposed to make it to the Motus line, but that never happened, much to the disappointment of the brand’s fans.

There are more patent drawings in the gallery below, and you can find more speculation on the design at Motorcycle.com, but remember, just seeing a patent doesn’t mean the engine is about to be produced any time soon. It may never be made at all.


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  1. I’m thinking the bean counters whole rule the roost at Honda will be saying two things at the same time. Patent that and don’t sell it… we won’t make enough profit!

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