CMG Reborn!

Illustration by Lesley Wimbush

Canada Moto Guide has a new owner and its future as Canada’s best motorcycle website is now secure.

CMG was purchased this week by, which is one of Canada’s largest automotive websites.

“I’m very happy, and I know that Rob would also be happy and proud to know that CMG is now in the care of autoTRADER,” says Courtney Hay, the former owner of Canada Moto Guide and wife of Rob Harris, the founder of the site.

“Canada Moto Guide has a great future ahead of it.”

Regular CMG readers will remember autoTRADER as the employer of Jacob Black, who tussled with us last summer on the track and was whupped big-time by our racing ringer, JP Schroeder. Since then, we’ve come to grudgingly respect his tenacity on the track, where he bought JP’s bike and his times started to improve (at least, until every time he fell off), so we now welcome the collaboration and we’re delighted to join the autoTRADER fold.

“The friendship between and Canada Moto Guide has blossomed in recent times, but we have been fans of CMG since long before that,” says Black, Senior Editor of

“The quirky, irreverent, and thoroughly entertaining motorcycle content that sets CMG apart is one of the reasons we’re so excited to be able to partner with them now. On a personal note, to be able to help carry the CMG legacy forward, makes me very proud.”

We’re now looking forward to a bright future under the wing of autoTRADER, and we intend to stay as quirky and irreverent as ever – maybe even more so. Keep coming back to CMG to see for yourself!

Illustration by Lesley Wimbush


  1. Kudos. This news really made my day. Happy days, indeed.
    CMG will do well under the wing of
    On as sidetone they took over another Canadian autoblog called and they’ve
    done an amazing job incorporating it under the umbrella;.

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