Stories of Bike talks mental health


Stories of Bike is one of the best motorcycle-related YouTube channels out there. Knuckle-dragging antics are non-present, the videography is beautiful, and they’re willing to talk about serious subjects—like depression.

This video is a tie-in with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, the global awareness-raising event that brings attention to prostate cancer and men’s mental health. This year, the Ride is supporting the Movember Foundation in its work with mental health issues. As per the video’s description:

“2017 sees The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride doubling it’s funds in support of men’s mental health on behalf of the Movember Foundation.

‘Survivor’, the story of Mark Atkinson and his family is a must see for anyone experiencing depression, whether it be oneself or that of someone that you know.

If Mark’s story resonates with you, reach out and talk, ask, listen. For further information and services supporting mental health and suicide prevention, visit…

Register now to take part in your nearest Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride event on Sunday September 24th upon your classic & and vintage styled motorcycle, or make a donation at

Film developed and produced by Cam Elkins from Stories of Bike”


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