New hot-rod parts from S&S for Milwaukee Eight engine

Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee Eight engine might be the latest and greatest the company has to offer, but S&S is still offering you the chance to up its performance.

Whether you’ve got the 114 or 117 version of the Milwaukee Eight, S&S has developed new valve train parts to fit in. The bits range from cams to increase horsepower (the 375, 475 and 550 cams) as well as a cam with stock grind that is designed to work in conjunction with a gear drive to eliminate the cam chain and its tensioner (presumably for reliability reasons). The 375, 475 and 550 cams can also be ordered in a version that uses a gear drive, eliminating the cam chain.

Of course, dropping in the camshaft alone will not make massive horsepower gains; to truly take advantage of the new parts’ advantages, you must add in free-flowing exhaust and intake, as well as other top end parts (stronger springs, new pushrods, new tappets). It’s like the sign from Mad Max: “Speed’s just a matter of money—how fast can you go?”

Find more details and pricing on the S&S website.


    • You do realize your dealing with an engine with inherit design flaws with the 45 degree layout. Starting with the pressed crankshaft with loads of runout, extreme connecting rod angle at BDC, Compensator problems, chain drive transmission, clutch slave cylinder recalls to no end – on and on.

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