The Crosshelmet will give you 360-degree vision

Here’s another take on the smart helmet concept, the Crosshelmet X1.

We’ve already talked about smart helmets this summer, back in July, when we predicted they were the wave of the future.

In a world of increasing connectivity, riders are very interested in gear that not only offers more safety (rear-facing cameras, easy-to-read navigation and in the future, vehicle-to-vehicle communication), but also entertainment options like an onboard camera, music controls and group communications.

The Crosshelmet X1 offers all that, and more. Like most of these gadgets, it’s Bluetooth-integrated, which should allow communication with cellphones and other electronic gadgets, as well as comm units and possibly smart helmets made by other manufacturers. All the information the helmet collects, including its rear-view camera, is collected in a heads-up display in the front visor.

For now, the X1 isn’t on the market; it’s supposed to appear on Kickstarter next week, which will give us more details. Will it be another Skully, with a big crash and burn? We hope not, but time will tell.


  1. Actually, not as distracting as you might think – I’ve been using a REEVU lid for a few years now and after a while you can fairly easily “ignore” the rearview portion until you want it. Like that one though, whether you need/use the rearview portion depends on a fairly specific set of conditions (heavy traffic).

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