Video: Ed and Rachel do the Trans America Trail

As always, thinks worked out in the end.

Here’s Part 2 of Ed March’s YouTube series on the Trans America Trail.

In case you just got here and you’re wondering who Ed March is, you should catch up on his adventures with riding partner Rachel Lasham at his YouTube channel here. We ran the story of their epic cross-Canada mid-winter ride on Honda C90s on CMG, and you can find those stories here. After conquering Canada, they headed south, which is where this video picks up, telling the story of their adventures off-road on the Trans America Trail.

It’s another long one, clocking in at just under 52 minutes. If you like it, feel free to send Ed some PayPal love, as he’s funding these things himself and actually spending quite a bit of cash renting dodgy South American hotels to use as a home base for video production.


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