Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival signs one more judge

The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival has signed one more judge to its panel for this year, and it’s a name familiar to many Canadian motorcyclists.

Racer/writer Toni Sharpless has joined this year’s panel. She was the first woman to win a CMA motorcycle racing championship, and is a member of the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame ; see more of her bio at the festivals webpage here. She will work with Bill Petro, Warren Milner, Preet Banerjee and Viktor Radic at this year’s event.

The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival will run September 29-30 at the Revue Cinema, showing motorcycle films from around the world, showing movies with fictional plots as well as as factual documentaries. The Festival is open for submissions; take a peek at its website here for more details. The final lineup will be announced on the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival website on August 4. See the festival’s website for more details.

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