Norton to ramp up V4 production after securing loan


Norton Motorcycle is poised to increase production of its V4 motorcycle line after securing another £3 million in loans last month.

Norton has been working on bringing its new line of V4 superbikes to market for some time now, but they’ve been slow to hit the market, just like the new Commando was slow to reach sales floors. Over the past few years, Norton has had major injections of cash that moved its business forward, but production was still at 40 bikes a month. That’s not enough to keep customers happy; Norton has pre-sold a lot of machines and needs to deliver them.

So, Norton has borrowed money to pay for more tooling, stock, and staff. Norton CEO Stuart Garner says the company plans to hire 40 more people, which will help boost production to 130 bikes a month. That won’t make a big dent on the global market, but it will keep a lot of the Brit brand’s customers happy, lessening the weight times for their new motorcycles.


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