Norton V4 RR superbike makes debut


Photos: Norton, via Asphalt & Rubber

The new Norton V4 RR superbike has officially been unveiled, with details on MCN.

Much of the package is no surprise: carbon-fibre bodywork, wheels, and fuel tank. The engine is a proprietary 72-degree 1200 cc V4, built in-house. MCN’s article quotes Simon Skinner, Norton’s head designer, as saying a 90-degree engine would have simplified the internals, but the 72-degree V4 was easier to design a chassis around, and will look better in a naked bike. So, apparently there’s a stripped-down version planned at some point.

Skinner says Norton is still working on the bike’s electronics package, but it will have an electronics package, with the same IMU-enabled techno-wizardry that’s standard on European superbikes these days — leaning ABS, wheelie control, launch control, traction control, auto-blipping quick shifter and the like. However, instead of farming this work out like most companies do, Norton developed their tech in-house, supposedly.

One interesting feature that’s supposed to come standard: The V4 RR’s dash display is connected to a backup camera. Obviously, this feature isn’t intended for soccer moms backing into their garage. It’s intended for use at events like the Isle of Man TT, which is where Norton claims to have come up with the design for the bike’s chassis.

As was said in earlier reports on the bike, the suspension is from Ohlins, with NIX30 fork in front and TTXGP shock in back. Dry weight will be 179 kg for the RR model; the SS model (very similar, but with some lower-spec bits) will be 199 kg.

The frame will be made of aluminum tubing, with a single-sided swingarm. Lighting is LEDs all around, and the brakes are from Brembo. There is nothing cheap on this bike, at least as far as we can see.

The new V4 engine is rated at more than 200 hp at 12,500 rpm, and 95.88 lb-ft at 10,000 rpm. There will be three engine modes: Road, Sport, and Pro-Race.

We’ve said before, the SS model is already sold out; the RR model is still available, but probably not in Canada, and probably not for long. Only 250 have been made, so don’t expect to see stock languishing in showrooms, even with a price tag around roughly $45,000 CAD.


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