VX360 visibility gear aims to help you be seen


If you’d like to be more visible on your motorcycle, VX360 has a plan to help.

Designed and produced in Toronto, VX360’s visibility gear was conceived as a way to fight back against the damage auto drivers are dealing out to vulberable road users, including walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and motorcyclists.

The vest seen in the video above uses electroluminescent material to provide 360-degree visibility in a wide range of conditions. Because it’s luminescent, it doesn’t require other motorists’ headlights to function, unlike a reflective vest. And it’s more than just a bright light. The vest can be programmed to to flash in specific areas (like intersections) through an interface with a GPS-enabled smartphone. Very cool!

The vest seen in the video above is machine-washable and water-resistant. It’s powered by an onboard battery. Find more details, or purchase some of the kit for yourself, at VX360.com.


  1. I think a white light to the rear is illegal unless you’re backing up. Even a red flashing light might be, but at the least it would be confusing to following drivers unless it was connected to the brake switch instead of going off at every intersection.

    • I think you’re right about the white light on the rear, Don, and thanks for your comment! I’m Emily, I work with VX360, nice to meet you!

      VX360 gear is made with bright blue electroluminescent lights that are designed to help distinguish a human figure on the road. Right now the wearer controls the flash patterns manually within the clothing, until VX360 releases their new app. Interesting to think about it being connected to the bike! Thanks for your feedback!

  2. I find it interesting that by wearing the vest, walking your dog in the middle of the street is safer than walking on the sidewalk without it, at least that’s what the message is telling us.

  3. An interesting idea. It could use some retroreflective material in addition to the light panels, to make it even more visible under a wider range of conditions.

    The only problem is it isn’t that Toronto drivers don’t see; it’s that they don’t care. Everyone is so concerned with getting ahead of the other guy that that take chances with that other guy’s life.

    • Hi Rob! Each VX360 garment does feature reflective details to ensure that the rider/wearer is indeed visible from any angle and in more conditions than just night time/dark environments.

      We hope that making people more visible on the road will eventually change the way we think about how the road is shared. Wearing VX360 gear is a responsible move — it lets riders take added precautions and provides a bit more peace of mind.

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