Easy come, easy go


A British Columbia man only managed to put 20 klicks on his odometer before having his motorcycle impounded by police this week.

The Castlegar Source says a traffic patrol unit recently arrested a 43-year-old man on his way home from buying a new Harley-Davidson. He was alleged to have been riding at 127 km/h in an 80 zone, initially speeding up when police tried to pull him to the side of the road. That would have been trouble enough, but it got worse. Once police pulled him over, they decided to run a breathalyzer.

According to the police, the man was also riding impaired – and not just because he loved the intoxicating rush of speeding. The rider’s licence was suspended for 90 days and the bike was impounded for 30 days. As well, law enforcement handed down a stiff fine.

“The 2017 motorcycle had only about 20 kilometers on the odometer and the driver just couldn’t wait until he was sober to take his new bike for a ride… Now he won’t be able to ride his new motorcycle until at least June,” the police press release said. Of course, if there are further legal complications over the impaired driving allegations, or if his insurance rates are jacked through the roof, the rider might be waiting a lot longer to go riding …


  1. He must have been in a rush to get home to install some obnoxiously loud pipes so everyone would know he was on a “real bike”.

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