Report: Mahindra looking to buy British marques

With Royal Enfield’s relentless onslaught on the mid-sized motorcycle market globally, the made-in-India competition is reportedly getting a bit jealous, and planning an aggressive move of their own.

The scuttlebutt in the Indian moto-press is that Mahindra (best known for their tractors here in North America, but a major motorcycle producer in India) is planning to buy a classic British marque. Gossip says they’re interested in Norton and/or BSA.

Norton might be a tad tricky, as they have been scrambling to get back in business for some time now, since Kenny Dreer decided he could design a better bike than the original Commandos he was refurbishing. The current ownership (Dreer is long gone) has talked about plans for exciting new models, but their existing lineup has been very slow in coming to market. Maybe he’d like to wash his hands of the whole affair?

And as for BSA: As a motorcycle manufacturer, they don’t exist anymore, although the company itself exists in other business markets. They’re just not in the motorcycle game anymore. In some ways, a revival of BSA could make sense for Mahindra, particularly as the marque is revered in India. But buying the brand might not be as easy as it sounds. Two years ago, CMG had a chat with a Canadian businessman who had hoped to buy the marque and set up production in Canada, but balked when he discovered issues with counterfeit parts already on the market, and other issues relating to brand integrity. But given that some of those issues were based in India, maybe Mahindra is the company to straighten them out?


  1. Maybe they can fix the spewing oil problems that Norton has. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Norton then, would it? 🙂

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