CMG 2016 Motorcycle Buyers Guide launched

Last year we launched our new Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide section, listing all the available Canadian motorcycles for 2015. It was the first comprehensive online guide of its kind, allowing prospective purchasers to see all the brands in one place, comparing similar bikes and getting all the important stats and pictures.

It was a lot of work. But it was also our most popular section of 2015.

For the past couple of months we’ve been busy calling up the manufacturers, scouring websites and crunching data to bring you the first phase of the 2016 Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide. We’ve focused on what we consider to be the core brands that offer similar product ranges to compare, namely from Europe (BMW, Ducati and Triumph) and Japan (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha).

In the next few weeks we’ll be adding the remaining brands (again, in order of what we consider core) with the goal to have a complete, comprehensive and truly Canadian Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide.

You will be able to search by genre so you can find all the available 2016 Adventure bikes or simply search by brand, with the option to narrow your search by engine size and/or pricing. Looking for information on a specific bike? Enter the model keyword in the search box.

Looking for the latest adventure bikes? We can help.

Each bike page also shows what we consider to be related models that may be of interest, based on genre, size and price. We also offer a comparison chart of up to four bikes to see how the spec sheets stack up. Need a power cruiser with a low seat height for under $20K? We can help you with that.

For a limited time we’re including links to all the manufacturers’ websites for their take on a specific model, as well as a link to ‘find a dealer’ in case you’re looking to make a down-payment on your newly found dream bike.

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time checking the facts (though sometimes the mistakes come directly from the supplier), and the end result is something that we’re very proud of and one that we hope you’ll include as your primary resource for everything 2016 on two (or three) wheels. You can access the guide from the main menu, or by clicking here. Enjoy.


  1. The header graphics still have 2015 showing up instead of 2016, at least in the mobile version. Just a typo.

    Thanks immensely for doing this guys.

    • Hi Numbone, that’s odd. We do have some new code that we’ll add to improve mobile viewing but I see the 2016 header on my phone. Could it be a caching issue?

      • Checked again and it seems to be fixed – just goes to show there is no problem that cannot be resolved if you burn enough cache 🙂

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