Suzuki trademarks Recursion

Suzuki's turbocharged Recursion promises a return to exciting innovation.

Suzuki hasn’t made much noise about their Recursion concept bike, but signs are now pointing to a possible market release.

Suzuki first showed off the Recursion back in 2013; when it appeared on the show circuit, there were no promises of delivery dates. Fans of turbocharged motorcycles have been waiting for the bike to enter production ever since, but there’s been no real sign of that happening. Kawasaki blew much of the two-wheeled world away when they released the supercharged H2 and H2R, but Suzuki never jumped on that bandwagon (possibly because the middleweight prototype is in a totally different class from Team Green’s hyperbike).

We have seen a few patent drawings pop up showing the Recursion, but nothing indicating when the bike would hit market (although Suzuki assured us it would).

Now, however, Suzuki has filed a trademark on the Recursion name in Europe, with show season just around the corner. It’s no guarantee we’ll see the motorcycle hit production, but we’re guessing we’ll at least see the prototype at EICMA, which is drawing pretty close.


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