Spied! New Triumph Speed Triple

A couple British mags are posting photos of a new Triumph Speed Triple on their websites, including MCN. Supposedly, it was spotted in testing around the Triumph factory in England.

According to MCN, the revised Speed Triple will be on the market in 2016. Gone are the squinty headlights, replaced by … new squinty headlights.

Buyers who love the googly-eyed lamps of the original Speed Triple will once again be disappointed, but it seems Triumph has abandoned that stylistic flair, at least for now.

The new Speed Triple. Wot, no round headlights? Photo: MCN
The new Speed Triple. Wot, no round headlights? Photo: MCN

The bodywork (windscreen, tailsection, belly cowling, radiator cover, gas tank) is all slightly updated for the new model. The exhaust and intake are both updated as well (there’s ram air), so expect power output to rise. However, there doesn’t seem to be any major mechanical changes to the Speed Triple. The chassis seems to be unchanged as well.

All in all, the new bike is likely to be only a minor update to the old one. And just like the current model, there will be an upscale R version available with trick suspension.

However, Triumph is rumoured to be working on an all-new Speed Triple to debut soon; if that’s the case, this bike is probably only a stop-gap measure intended to keep customers happy while they wait for the next-gen Speed Triple, a bike that will likely incorporate all the electronic rider aids (traction control, leaning ABS, etc) that motorcyclists have come to love and rely on. And hopefully, we’ll also see a return to big, googly headlights.


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  1. Meh.

    Not that much different from the current one as far as I can see, and neither can hold a candle to the 2005 – (?) version with the round headlights in terms of appearance. I bought one in 05 and it was a great bike. First motorcycle I ever owned that generated compliments from the non-riding public.

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