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Keystone Criminals

There have been many master criminals in the past. Vincenzo Peruggia stole the Mona Lisa; DB Cooper hijacked a plan and made $200,000 in ransom; Colonel Mustard once had a lead pipe in the billiard room, and … never mind.

Not every crim displays such brilliance, though. A group of British bike thieves showed their lack of a grasp on basic criminal principles recently when they completely bungled a bike burgary. It started off well – they pinched a Triumph Trophy and loaded it into a van. So far, so good. Then, they drove off in the van … and the bike fell out the back. They left the machine and made good on their getaway, but bad on their theft.

The reason for their ineptitude wasn’t clear, but we’re guessing it was simply because it turned out the thug life simply wasn’t as easy as portrayed in the Grand Theft Auto series – we’re pretty sure they don’t include tie-down straps on heists in those games.

Source: Examiner

Kindergarten cruiser

A motorcycle has often served as many a young man’s introduction to freedom. Yessiree, there’s nothing like your first set of wheels, rolling around town without Mom and Dad, riding to school and impressing all the girls. Except, most guys don’t get a bike until they’re in high school.

KLR madness

There are many things a KLR650 can do. A KLR can tour the world. A KLR can be a fun backroad blaster. A KLR makes a great commuter. But, a KLR does not make a good race bike. You have to give this guy credit, though – at least he removed his aftermarket milk crate luggage before he entered the race, and he did well in his class.

Head over wheels

That awkward moment, when your bike ride turns into an incident that leaves you looking like Wile E. Coyote.

Background bang-up

A good newscaster always sticks to the plan, no matter what’s going on in the background. Just ask Jim Carrey.


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