Kymco brings Super 8 R Naked 50 to Canada

Kymco is bringing in a new scooter to Canada, the Super 8 R Naked 50.

The new Super 8 is a four-stroke, unlike the old Super 8 50, which was a two-stroke (the 150 version is a four-stroke). It’s air-cooled, with a drum brake in back and larger disc brake in front. It rolls on 12-inch wheels, and weighs 92.5 kg dry.

Fuel capacity is five litres; the machine has a carburetor with electric choke, not EFI. It comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Presumably, this is an indication as to where Kymco is headed in the future; most scooter makers are leaving two-strokes behind, at least for the North American market, and moving towards four-stroke engines. That’s fine for a larger scooter, but for the 49 cc step-throughs, it means less power, as a general rule.

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