Norton to sell Dominator SS as production model

Norton says they will sell a production version of their Domiracer track bike, called the Dominator SS.

The Domiracer was available in very limited numbers; buyers had the option of including a street-legal kit, but the machine was intended for track use.

The new Dominator SS will be very similar to that machine; interwebz rumours say there won’t be as many high-spec parts. There will only be 50 of these bikes made for 2015.

There will also be be a lower-spec Dominator model available from Norton in the future, although it’s not entirely clear what the differences between that and the SS model are.

The real question is – how long will customers wait for the bike? The reborn Norton company ran into trouble in its infancy when buyers placed orders and then waited long amounts of time for their bikes to be delivered.

Here's the view from the rear.
Here’s the view from the rear.

We haven’t heard any stories like this lately, but you can bet customers will remember it. Still, selling 50 machines shouldn’t be an issue, as there will always be collectors and Norton fanboys (or fangirls) who are willing to spend their money on a limited-edition machine like this.

So far, details like weight and horsepower numbers aren’t available. but we’re guessing the bike makes in the 80 hp range, as the motor is the same basic parallel twin found in their Commando.


    • I saw some reports of 20,000 pounds in the UK but it wasn’t certain as to whether that was for the Dominator or the Dominator SS, and I didn’t see any information from Norton themselves with the price.

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