Continental announces cornering ABS

Continental has announced they’ve updated their MIB brake system to include cornering ABS.

Bosch was first to the market with cornering ABS last year, but at the 2014 EICMA show it became clear that manufacturers see it as a necessary feature, even if it’s only an option.

Several new machines were introduced with cornering ABS. Now Continental has a competing offering to Bosch’s system, which could be very good news. Competition should bring the price of these systems down, and the quality up.

According to Continental’s press release, the cornering ABS uses an on-board sensor to check the bike’s roll and pitch rates, as well as lateral acceleration and lean angle. It performs these checks approximately 100 times per second.

As the rider corners, the ABS system limits the braking power accordingly. The Continental system also ties into other bike systems and allows detection of rear wheel lift under heavy braking (“anti-stoppie technology”), traction control and can even prevent the front wheel from lifting (“anti-wheelie technology”).

The first motorcycle we know to use the Continental system will be BMW’s S1000 XR, but we’re sure others will follow.


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