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Despicable crime

There are various ways to ensure you catch the attention of police. One of them is to ride a motorcycle drunk while wearing a “mankini.”

That’s what an Australian youth pulled recently, running afoul of Johnny Law. He was one of three young men who were spotted riding together on one small motorbike and carrying alcohol. Needless to say, this raised more than a few alarms, leading the Queensland Police to issue the following statement on their website: “Their disregard for personal safety was highlighted even further by one of the boy’s lack of protective clothing … While it has been hot in Queensland recently, that still doesn’t excuse the bright green mankini.”

They stressed that the pervy getup was not the reason for legal trouble, but the alcohol was. Although, we’re guessing if the intoxicated youths had shown up at the jailhouse in that garb, they probably would have had much worse troubles than a drunk driving rap. And hey, they’d deserve it.

Source: Yahoo

Furze meets Far Cry

We’re not avid gamers here at CMG, but those who are will know Far Cry 4 has been released, and that’s sort of a thing. Also, there’s a tuk tuk in the game, which is pretty cool.

What’s even better is that the game’s developers actually paid mad British inventor Colin Furze to build his own tuk tuk that riffs on the one seen in the game. Since Furze is insane. he decided to shoehorn a CBR600 motor into the three-wheeled taxi, allowing him to do wheelies and burnouts.

Not content with building what’s possibly the maddest tuk tuk ever known to humanity, Furze then went out and weaponized it. He strapped on some BB guns and what appears to be some homebrewed rocket launcher. We’re saying it now: This former taxi is possibly one of the most dangerous weapons mankind has ever seen, on par with the atom bomb, the AK47 and Wendel Clark. Watch it in action below.

Rapt attention

He'd be better off driving a tank.
He’d be better off driving a tank.

There’s another Jurassic Park movie coming out, and if you like dinosaurs or summer lackluster blockblusters, that’s big news. Guess what shows up in the trailer? In the movies, if you want to cruise amongst the dinosaurs, you use what appears to be a Triumph Scrambler.

The movie’s producers didn’t ask us, but we thought they should go with an air-cooled Royal Enfield for the real prehistoric look, or maybe a Suzuki DR200, since that bike has received minimal updates since before the first Jurassic Park movie came out.

Bad business

Selling rocket launchers to terrorists who want to nuke your customers? Brilliant business strategy ...
Selling rocket launchers to terrorists who want to nuke your customers? Brilliant business strategy …

Recently in Friday Fudge we shared the story of European outlaw bikers who have been running away from home, so to speak, and joining the fight against ISIS in the Middle East.

No, not that ISIS, from the TV show. The other one.

Anyway, they’re having the opposite problem in Australia. Instead of one-percenters and terrorists killing each other, they’re reportedly linking up down under.

The Aussie bikies don’t seem to be as bad-buttocked as their Euro counterparts, as they’ve decided to join ’em, rather than beat ’em. This has already resulted in one high-profile case where biker-sourced rocket launchers were planned to be used against a nuclear reactor. Brilliant move, guys – it’s going to be hard to sell drugs when all your customers are glowing green.

Source: Reuters

Survival bike

According to the description, this diesel-powered motorcycle was spotted at a hillclimb event in Ohio, not in a prop list for a Mad Max movie, as you might suspect.

Goon life

There are many ways one can become an outlaw. You could rob banks. You could become a hitman. You could buy a Honda Grom and wheelie it around while wearing a pair of novelty sunglasses. Not all of those options will earn you street cred in the big house, though.


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