Other Ducati news: Diavel Titanium, paint updates for Monsters

Ducati announced big changes to the Panigale and Multistrada earlier today at EICMA, but the Diavel and Monster lineups will be seeing more modest upgrades.

The big news for the Diavel is the introduction of the Titanium edition. There will only be 500 of these bikes made, resplendent with plenty of carbon-fibre and titanium bits and bobs bolted on. The seat also gets a special leather cover and the exhaust pipes get a ceramic coating.

Essentially, it seems to be not much more than a styling exercise – a cool way to get a rare edition of the Diavel, but nothing earth-shattering for average schmucks with average wallets, as there doesn’t seem to be any big technological breakthroughs that will trickle down to other models.

What of the Monster lineup? The new Monster 821 Stripe and 1200 Stripe both get red paint with a white stripe down the centre of the bike, along with a carbon-fibre belt cover and Ducati Performance licence plate holder. Once you’ve recovered from your shock over these shocking styling choices, also take note that the 821 is also getting fully adjustable Kayaba suspension up front and a Sachs front in back – at least it’s not all just Bold New Graphics.

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