Video: Adventure of Two

Not everyone buys a $15,000 motorcycle to explore the world on. Some people spend $300 on a 24-year-old Honda, ride through Vietnam and Cambodia, and then give the motorcycle away to a roadside vendor at the end of the trip.

This video doesn’t feature adrenalin-pumping action, but it’s a slice of life from southeast Asia with a traveling couple that seems content to do their own thing and experience that culture on its own terms. It works for them, and it works for us. Hey, it’s got a great soundtrack by The Tallest Man on Earth, too, as long as you don’t mind the nasal tones of today’s Bob Dylan.

You can read a bit more about their other adventures here, although they seem to be busy traveling and therefore blog updates are few and far between. And really, they aren’t doing anything that thousands of other people aren’t doing – and you could be too, as long as your boss gave you the time off and you didn’t have a mortgage to worry about and you didn’t have to pay for braces for the kids and, and and ….

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