As seen on Facebook: Yamaha accidentally releases FJ-09 snap

For months now, Yamaha has been releasing accidental bits of info on the FJ-09; now we have a photo.

When Yamaha unveiled the FZ-09 naked bike, there was a clamor almost immediately for a sport-touring version. Within a few months, it became obvious Yamaha had heard their wishes, and was working on granting them.

The leaks started when a clever person going through trademark filings in the US noticed Yamaha had staked out a claim on the FJ-09 name; other leaks followed in similar suit. Someone found some patent drawings, someone else found some emissions testing information.

Now we have an actual photo of the bike, thanks to an accidental release on Yamaha’s Facebook page. Someone on managed to download a copy of the shot, as seen above. The bike seems to follow the same basic lines that we saw in the earlier patent drawings, so we know whoever unearthed those wasn’t making things up, at least.


  1. The engulfing plastic virus takes hold again. The classic jet ski front end applied to a motorcycle. Plus the inevitable northward pricing.

    • Well, that’s a good question Bondo. I just don’t know what else you would call it. It’s in that awkward V-Strom/Multistrada zone. It seems to be intended towards touring, but has mild adventure styling. Maybe you think it looks like something else, I guess, but it looks to me (and the name indicates) a bike that is intended towards laying down the miles.

  2. My first reaction was to say “good looking ride”, and I think the front is, but upon looking closer it seems…..busy looking. Around the engine, swingarm, seems to be a lot of lines, rods, curves, angles all together. I find the same with the Stryker, and Stratoliner.

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