Triumph adds new Bonneville variants to range

If the standard, T100, Scrambler or Thruxton variations of Triumph’s classic 800 twin don’t tickle your fancy, then rejoice and ring the bells as you now have three limited edition Bonnie’s to choose from, recently unveiled at Germany’s Intermot show.

The Bonneville Spirit gets the black treatment, with most parts painted gloss black save for the tank and rear fender that get a rather bright blue and white scheme. It’s a bit of a mix and match Bonnie too, taking the Scrambler’s smaller headlight and the Thruxton’s rear fender.

The Bonneville T214 is in homage to Johnny Allen (who set a land speed record on a Bonnie back in 1956) which oddly ignores anything that might make it remotely faster and instead opts to stick with a fancy colour scheme, this time the blue and white go on the tank, sidepanel and fender with the blacked out treatment on everything else. Hang on, isn’t that the Spirit?

And finally, the Bonneville Newchurch this time pays homage to a town in Austria (which oddly has a different name) and (you guessed it) comes with blue and white paint on the tank and black pretty well everywhere else. Oh, hang on, there’s an option of red and white paint too, and it does have a low profile seat, which is edgy …..


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