Dainese’s Fitnet tour visits Canada

Finding motorcycle leathers that fit right can be difficult, but if you live in Montreal or Toronto (or nearby), Dainese can help.

Dainese’s Fitnet tour is coming to North America in October, visiting nine locations, including two in Canada. On October 6, they’re going to be at Ducati Montreal, and on October 7-8 they’ll be at Rider’s Choice in Toronto.

This traveling show is for riders who want gear that’s custom-made to fit them. At Fitnet, Dainese takes 26 body measurements so the company knows how long your sleeves should be, or how much room to allow for the seat of your riding pants, or whatever.

Interested? If so, you should schedule an appointment for when the Dainese crew is in town. Check out their website here for more details.

Dainese’s suits are built to European Union safety specs. If you want to read a review of how the fitment process works, check out Asphalt & Rubber’s account here.


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