Video: An electric Iron Butt

Last week, we told you about Terry Hershner’s Iron Butt challenge. Today, we’re showing it to you.

Technically, what Hershner did was a Saddle Sore 1000; he completed 1,600 kms in less than 24 hours aboard his electric motorcycle, the first rider to ever pull off the feat on a battery bike. This sort of of thing would have sounded like science fiction a few years back, but ever since he bought his 2012 Zero motorcycle and started modifying it (faster charging, bigger batteries, more streamlining), Hershner has been riding all over the place, setting long distance records.

He used a GoPro to tape his record-setting run last week, just in case there were any doubters. You can watch the 1,600-km-long run in about six minutes, below.

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