Staying dry: Touratech offers new seat

Nobody wants a soggy backside when they’re riding, and Touratech’s new Driride saddle is supposed to help put an end to that unpleasantry.

Originally designed for Dakar rally racers, the seat uses a waterproof fabric that repels water, so it doesn’t soak up liquid to start with. Hardly revolutionary, but a good touch. It also incorporates some sort of membrane that allows moisture vapour to “pass through your riding gear, through the seat fabric into the seat membrane where it’s expelled through the side of the seat.” Uh, sure.

Of course, a seat that keeps your rear end dry is no good if it’s still uncomfortable; Touratech used their Ergo-Response Long Distance Foam to pad the seat, which supposedly increases all-day riding comfort.

The Driride seat was designed for touring bikes, and there are seats available for most bigger ADV and street touring bikes – think BMW GS series, Yamaha FJR, etc. For some reason, there doesn’t seem to be a KLR option. Maybe that’s because your average KLR rider isn’t going to drop $560 for a new seat that doesn’t match their milk crate luggage.


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